Erie Pop Up is the IT WAY to celebrate your



All the fabulous details of the typical AMAZING Event or Wedding

 with a lower cost ​and NO STRESS!!!

A Pop Up Wedding is a smaller version of a traditional wedding with all the fabulous details, none of the planning stress and significantly less cost.

~Something between an elopement and that big wedding~

Think maximum impact-minimum cost.

We can schedule and design the entire day based on leading trends, bring in the best vendors, jaw dropping details and all at the most stunning venue and then host 2 or 3 individual parties or weddings back to back during that day. This enables our couples and guests of honor to share the costs of the services they would otherwise pay on their own and eliminate waste. 

You bring your special someone, 50-75 guests and TA DA..

You're Hitched.

If you live a busy lifestyle, have big plans for your finances, are on a tight budget, love collecting memories instead of things or just want to try something fabulous and environmentally conscious,

 A Pop Up is definitely for you!!

All you need to do now is review our scheduled dates,

find the storyboard that speaks to you and

Pick Your Pop Up! 


We are also Erie Countys Rental, Design and Artistry and Coordination professionals for your private, professional party, wedding and and event. We have the most extensive and all inclusive line of rentals to take your event OVER THE TOP and make it more memorable that you ever imagined!


"Prices of weddings will continue to rise, people will get busier and busier and the demand for traditional weddings will decline.

Pop Up Wedding are here to stay and will be seen as a common wedding option in the future

-Michele Velaazquez

Marriage Proposal Planner and Entreprenuer

Huffington Post

May 6, 2017

Wedding Photoshoot
Wedding Party
Wedding Welcome Sign
Wedding Confetti
A Wedding Coordination service can save you money by...
1. Keeping you on budget
2. Helping to get you all the bang for your buck through personal relationships with vendors that will work for your needs and with your styles.
3. Offering tiered services that cover anything from just rentals to event artistry and all inclusive coordination.
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