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Our Perfect Pop Up is for the Bride and groom who want Fabulous but want to keep it short and sweet. Your 15 minute photography session will be followed by your 10 minute personalized ceremony with your own officiant or with ours. We can provide a play list of your choosing to play during your event that includes your special songs! Your 30 Minute Celebration includes music, a SweetTreat Bar along with your Sweetheart cake and Couple Champagne Treat to take home. You can share this day event with 25 persons you love more than anything, in a beautiful setting, with beautiful decor, staging and personal florals. We will include a custom designed arch for your ceremony and furniture or backdrop piece for photos. 




Our Sensory Pop Up was created to provide a full experience for all the senses. These Pop Ups take things to a new level, providing the sounds, tastes and scenery that will impact your event and your guests in a way they won't soon forget. Light Fare Flight Menu development pairings keep things new and trendy, while local talented live musicians set the background of a big expensive event feel with the intimacy that only a Pop Up can provide. Your event still includes your Photographer, personalized ceremony and 70 minute celebration. But adds MORE!

We will work closely with you and our caterer to select light fare appetizers that satisfy the sophisticated foodie. Drinks will be kept to a simple Bride Groom toast. Our uber talented musicians are ready to learn a few of your favorites for those special ceremony and celebration moments. This style of Pop Up adds everything to create that full impact event and all still at a low low cost. Limited add ons available 



GLAM GLAM GLAM with a capital G!

Glam Pop Up Weddings are as close to a traditional wedding as we will provide, but they are actually better. You have all the FABULOUS details that a professional stylist and planner can provide along with an increased budget for all the things that make your day POP! More Florals, More furniture, champagne walls, balloon displays, welcome tables and props for example. More table decor, exquisite centerpieces with fabulous finishes and details, more FOOD (heavy appetizers)  and professionally coordinated music with a DJ or Musician! The Venue will always be OVER THE TOP SPECIAL and decorated  to showoff all the architecture and details while providing an amazing cohesive feel that usually will be theme specific. Your after ceremony celebration will be 2.5 hours instead of 70 minutes and your guest list increases to 75 versus 50.

These Glam Pop Ups provide the best Party and Event Professionals! 



Optional Add Ons

Any Add Ons will be included in your payment to Erie Pop Up Weddings and Events and will then be disbursed to our approved vendors. 

Extended Reception times are available for the last Pop Up Wedding of the night depending on the venue operating procedures. The Cost associated is $500

Bar services are available where venues allow it. These Bar Services are limited to any 4 of the following combinations: Beer Selections, Signature cocktails, Wine Selection only. If a venue has their liquor license, you are responsible for the alcohol costs above and beyond your Poppy cost. If a liquor license is not available, you will provide all the alcohol, pay the Bar Reception Extension and a Ramp Certified bartender will be provided. 

Additional floral bouquets or boutonnieres, above and beyond the Bridal Bouquet and Groom boutonniere are available through our Florist. All floral designs must coincide with the theme and styling of the event. We will will accompany you to arrange for additions if you need them. Please keep your bridal parties to 4 total attendants (bride and grooms side included)

We can expand your guest list for up to 125 persons if the venue allows and has space to accommodate. This increase typically would only be available for the last Pop Up Wedding of the day. the costs per person will be dictated by the caterer based on market costs and staffing

Food options can always be expanded as long as your budget, the time slot and the venue can accommodate for that increase.

Additional Photographers/ Videographers can be brought in at your request but MUST be approved thru the Pop Up Photographer assigned to that event.