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                  Frequently Asked Questions





What is a Pop Up Wedding and Why is it for me?

A Pop Up Wedding is a shortened version of a traditional wedding with all the fabulous details, none of the planning stress and significantly less cost. Think maximum impact-minimum cost. It’s an event somewhere between a runaway elopement and a traditional bank breaking wedding. We schedule and design the entire day  with venue and wedding trends in mind, add the best vendors and jaw dropping details and VOILA! If you live a busy lifestyle, have big plans for your finances or a tight budget, love the more intimate moments between you and you special someone or just want to try something fabulous without the stress, a Pop Up is definitely for you!!

What if I just need help with my Wedding?

YES YES YES we do that too!!!! We provide impeccable, attentive and reliable Design and Coordination services for YOUR event, whether that a private or profession, corporate  or non profit or your Wedding, Shower, Anniversary, Party, etc, etc ,etc. Our  consultations are personal and can get deep and emotional sometimes. We want to know YOU and why this day is so important to you. You may have a million ideas running around in your head. Our job is to put all those ideas and create one vision that is 100% you. Design and Coordination services are an amazing asset BUT ONLY if the end result looks like you created the entire day. If your guests say "This is soooo you, How did you even come up with such a beautiful day", then we have done our job. We also keep you on budget, work with the best vendors and SAVE YOU MONEY in the long run!!

What does my Pop Up Wedding include?

Erie Pop Ups is here to make this day one you will never forget. We are committed to providing the most fabulous florist, baker, photographer and décor and rental designers. We even assist with invitations. Every couple will have a sweetheart champagne toast, bride groom cake, guest goodies, their own bouquet and boutonniere and full access to the photographer for your event and 30 minutes prior to. At times, your pop up will include light appetizers or heavier hors d'oeuvres- think Food Trucks!  Don’t worry tho, you can add extras to your Pop Up Package like on site musicians or champagne toast for your guests. On occasion, we will host Glam Pop Ups which provide our clients with an even more fabulous event, coordinated just like our Perfect or Sensory pop up option with a slightly higher cost.

How many people can I invite?

Your Pop Up is a way for you to have a special intimate fabulous wedding or vow renewal. Your guest list should be kept to a maximum of 50 persons. This does not include you, your fiancé and your officiant. Most Pop Ups include 20-50 people. Glam Pop Ups allow for a guest list of up to 75 persons. Add on services that include a larger guest list are available for an additional cost.

Can I bring my own photographer?

We LOVE individual style and work hard to find the most talented and knowledgeable photographers, sometimes the diamond in the rough. Pop Ups are about ease and affordability. We keep your costs down by offering one photographer for the entire day. Without this, your costs would be significantly higher. Your photos will belong to you and can be used as part of the photographer’s portfolio and for our advertising purposes.


Can we customize the details of our event?

Chances are, you have been thinking about this day for a long time. Maybe it’s your do-over day as a vow renewal or a wedding that dictates your style more so than ever before. Our commitment is to give you the most stylish event in town without all the other mess that comes with it. By keeping one amazing theme, one day long display of rentals and flowers, one venue cost, etc., we can give you the best without the $25.000 price tag that a wedding usually costs. Your ceremony can be anything your heart desires. In fact, we strongly encourage you to personalize that part of your day with your officiant. We do offer Add On services to personalize other allowable aspects of your day.

Who performs the ceremony and what legalities are involved?

We know that you may be dedicated to your faith or have that special someone you want to marry you. The ONLY service we do not provide  is your officiant. As part of your contract, we will ask for your officiants name and contact number in case of any emergencies. As in a traditional wedding, you must have your marriage license on hand and present it to your Pop Up Planner and your Officiant. We stand with anyone who wants to declare their love to another person. Erie Pop Ups are for EVERYONE. If you can be legally married in the state of Pennsylvania or in the state where the Pop Up is held, we will support your decision to share your life with your special someone. This includes ALL MARRIAGES and VOW RENEWALS. #loveislove

What happens to the reception?

Pop Ups provide a 1.5 - 2.5 hour long gathering after your ceremony. This gathering may include light appetizers or heavy appetizers and will include your cake and guest treats. Many couples choose to meet their family and friends out for a post Pop Up meal or drinks. We welcome and encourage you to extend your day however makes you happy!

How do we say I DO to our Pop Up?

Once our Pop Up dates are released, couples can email or call with their interest. One of our planners will meet with you to talk about the details. If you would like to visit the venue, we will arrange that and accompany you. Our Erie Pop Up couples must sign a contract and pay their 50% deposit to reserve their ceremony time for that Pop Up. All costs associated with your Pop Up, including any additional options you choose, must be paid 6 weeks  to your Pop Up.

What about weather?

If your Pop Up is at an outdoor venue, contingencies will be available for your ceremony and gathering. Dates will not be cancelled unless there is a natural disaster or unless Erie Pop Up Wedding & Events LLC. determines the weather is too dangerous to gather in. All efforts will be made to reschedule that date or to accommodate you at a different Pop Up date. Deposits will not be returned if those are not agreeable to the client.


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